Ria Keemink – Aquarelle – Watercolour

Welcome to my website

My name is Ria Keemink, I am Dutch, and I would like to introduce you to my great passion: painting watercolours. Although a difficult technique, I prefer to paint with watercolours because water and paint follow their own way to create surprising effects. I am mostly self-taught, but I have also followed courses and workshops with different watercolour artists. Together with my husband I have lived in France for several years in the beautiful natural Parc du Morvan. I find inspiration in my own garden, environment and nature.

Since 2019 I am a member of IWS France (International Watercolor Society).

Ria I hope you enjoy browsing my galleries.

Note: all dimensions are in cm without frame or passe partout

The watercolours are for sale, unless otherwise stated.

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Aquarelle – Watercolour